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At 76 Build kitchen & joinery co., our professional installation team will turn your dream from a digital design into a durable, well-finished final product. Our skilled installation staff are managed by our head fitter with more than 25 years experience in the business.


Kitchen Installation Process

  • Once the kitchen plan and design are finalised, production of your kitchen begins. During this process we will furnish you with a plumbing and electrical layout to optimize space and flow. With a new build, the plumbing and electrical layout will be given to the builder and checked before installation starts.
  • Our team of highly skilled fitters are fully prepped for each job. They sit with the designers and go through each job so that the final product is seen and installed through the eyes of the designer and client. This gives us the chance to identify solutions to potentially difficult areas.
  • When the installation is complete, the 76 Build owners detail the kitchen themselves to ensure the finished product meets our extremely high standards. The owners will then personally hand over your brand new kitchen, and any snags will be sorted out timeously, and ensure your complete satisfaction with your kitchen / joinery project.